Renewal Conference

Renewal is an annual worship conference where relevant matters of the day are discussed. The next conference is scheduled to take place on 8 & 9 June 2018 at Vredelust Church, Boston. Further details to follow.


Renewal 2017

NueLight presented the Renewal Conference: Let’s talk money with Past Lodewyk Spies, Britnie Keane, Gene Strite and Conrad De Vries. Money is a huge challenge to many people. The lack thereof or the abundance thereof. How to “get” it and then how to steward it. When to sow, how to sow, where to sow; how to think about money; how to not love it, but still embrace it; what is money and what is wealth?

All questions that were discussed and speakers shared their own stories from lack to overflow. 3 of them are extremely successful business people and Conrad is simply one of the most funniest, but “deepest” people you will ever meet.

NueLight hosted the 2-day conference where Lloyd Cele, Heinz Winckler, Julanie J and Band led in praise & worship. People who attended left the conference with a renewed perspective concerning money and wealth.

Renewal Conference 2017