NueLight is a production company who made their mark in the South African Music industry as one of the top Publicists and artist booking agencies.

In 2017 NueLight received the International Sub-Saharan Enterprise Award for BEST MUSIC ARTIST MANAGEMENT COMPANY  – SOUTH AFRICA .  But NueLight has ventured far beyond managing artists the past few years.  Large scale music productions are the forte of owner and CEO, Julita Kok.   The past few years have seen productions such as Christmas with God TV, Blue Rock Gospel Fest, Imagine,  Renewal and too many to mention.  In Nov 2017, the first Gathering event was born.  The largest 2-day Family Music Festival in South Africa, held in Cape Town. Artists from all around the world, together with the crème-de-la-crème of South African artists, took to 2 stages over a 2 day period.  Most of the events which NueLight host, are annual events and these events keep growing each year. Julita and NueLight were complimented on the excellence and international standard of this R7,5 million event.

Julita is known for her vast network in the International and local music industry. She is a sought after publicist, but because of her much sought after services, became very exclusive.  NueLight therefor still books many artists, but only a handful are managed by NueLight and this is not the main focus anymore.

NueLight has advanced to having their own Publishing department where Adele Lepnik handles all IP of artists and musicians.  Music gets registered with SAMRO, BMI, CAPASSO, CCLI, SAMPRA, RISA and all necessary institutions and royalties are thus handled on behalf of artists.  Many of the songwriters registered with NueLight have written some of the greatest songs in SA as NueLight also commissions songwriters.

By being an artist management company for so many years, Julita quickly discovered the different needs in the industry and Music videos was one of them.  NueLight now has their own studio and camera equipment where not only music videos, but full on TV productions get shot.  NueLight is the producer of IM2K, the well-known TV  program and online bible school of Lodewyk Spies. NueLight produces many Music videos, Corporate content, tv footage, documentaries, tv ads and more.  Headed by Leo Branders, this is a department worth keeping your eye on.

NueLight also has their own legal advisor on staff.  Julicha Branders with her LLB  (Law) degree sees to all contracts and legal aspects.  She also heads up the Paul Steyn Foundation from inside the NueLight office which is an organisation set out to help amputees. This is the official charity organisation NueLight devotes their time to.

Lourens Delport is in charge of all CSI projects and any sponsorship events that NueLight puts their hands to.  He handles all negotiations between these sponsors and NueLight.

Jeanette Hugo has been in charge of social media since the start of NueLight and still keeps everybody up to date on the daily happenings in and around NueLight.

NueLight therefor wears many hats and does this with excellence.  NueLight chooses carefully what they put their name too and people are sometimes disappointed when they receive a “NO” from NueLight.  Julita is also known for her musical ears and is a sought after advisory when it comes to producing new songs.  She knows and understands the market place and saved many artists from disaster.  Those that followed her advice has become successful in the music industry today. NueLight will keep on expanding its horizons and a new TV series is in process. NueLight is set on helping artists reach their full potential in this industry and maintaining a top standard of musicality.  Julita is also set on being the forerunner when it comes to Music events and those that have attended her events will know that you can always expect something spectacular.  NueLight will keep on being the forerunner in the South African Music Industry.

NueLight is also trusted by the Minister of Sport and Culture and heads up their Artist Development Project in Khayelitsha, Western Cape.

NueLight was also honored in 2014 when Julita was added to the Governing Body of the well known Ghoema Music Awards and even more so when she was appointed on the board of directors of SAMPRA, the needle Time collecting Agency in South Africa together with the CEO’s of Universal, Warner, Sony and David Gresham Records. She is known to be a decision maker and has taken NueLight to the levels of being a force to reckon with in the South African Music industry.  And still she says….you ain’t seen nothing yet!!

Julita Kok

Vision & Mission


“To Transform the Arts”


“To be the partner of choice to the entertainment industry”


  1. By establishing meaningful relationships based on integrity and trust
  2. By providing quality education and knowledge
  3. Through building a community where artists feel they belong and are “safe”
  4. Providing mentorship and guidance for all our artists
  5. Providing products, opportunities and services that will assist our artists and that they will not be able to get elsewhere.
  6. Spirituality will always be the driving force of who we are and what we do.


  • Integrity – in everything that we do and say
  • Honour and Respect – our clients and service providers
  • Professionalism – in the way we do our business
  • Excellence – to always lead by example
  • Relationships – to build our business on meaningful relationships
  • Humility – to always remain true to who we are and what we do