Protecting your intellectual property is probably the most important thing for any musician.  The process is rather simple and easy.  Bear in mind that there are ±5-6 institutions where you need to register, as it is not only SAMRO.  We are also associated with the international organisation BMI. If your works are not protected/registered please do not hesitate to contact us



We offer the services as publicists, where NueLight sends your song to the various radio stations. If you have a single or album, kindly submit it on the song submission page for consideration. If you do not hear back from us within six weeks, please accept that your submission was unsuccessful.

If you decide to do a single/album or even music video, please come and discuss with us before you start the process. Julita will advise on the best way to take action and might save you from a lot of misery.  You need to put the best product out to the media.

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