About Us


NueLight is a production and artist management company for the South African & International music industry. The company’s core business is being publicist to artists and session musicians and hosting large-scale musical showcases. With that, NueLight also fulfills the job of booking agent, publisher to composers and lyricists as well as PR to many of these artists.
There is a need among local artists for a better income due to the increased presence of online stores and the music piracy which has led to a decrease in CD/product sales. The latest trend in the local and international music business is for artists to do more live performances, especially collaborations.

In the Western Cape there is no official network into which local musicians can tap into to gain valuable information regarding the South African music industry and obtain referrals to experts in their respective fields. NueLight creates, establish and administrate this new network and work closely with associations such as SAMRO, CAPASSO, POSA, CCLI and others.

NueLight is first-movers in the local Music Industry by being innovative and creative in the manner with which they sell and deliver their services, by building and establishing networks with a strong consumer focus and most importantly, maintain all of the above with excellence.

NueLight uses the best of local Artists including Producers, sound Engineers, Photographers, songwriters, filmmakers, graphic designers, directors, arrangers, musicians, scriptwriters, etc. to increase the quality of musicianship and product, up the skill level and bring the music industry to a level of excellence and integrity with a standard that is being upheld and maintained by all NueLight artists.

NueLight therefor believes in establishing a network for artists via an interactive website, developing South African artists/bands for international showcases and establishing relationships with International record labels and Distribution Companies to showcase SA artists on an even bigger international level. NueLight is also bringing out International artists to South Africa for the first time in 2015.

nuelight-julieta-kokNueLight is the brainchild and passion of Julita Kok. NueLight produces superb musical showcases bringing the very best of South African talent to the fore. Producer of showcases such as 'Christmas with GOD TV', Blue Rock Gospel Fest, BAHI Healing Concert, NiaNell & Vicky Sampson in Concert, Die Burger KersFees, #Imagine, Halleluja Namibie and many others, NueLight is definitely making its mark on the international and local Music Industry. Entrepreneur, producer, events coordinator and artist developer, Julita Kok, an accomplished vocalist herself, has made excellence a priority for NueLight, its artists and productions. Maintaining this high caliber by associating with the crème de la crème of the Music Industry.

The events that Julita hosts are her passion. She works closely with the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra on many events and is also the organizer of the annual BAHI healing concert where the CPYO accompanies artists such as NiaNell, Louis Brittz, Zanne Stapelberg, Ivan Siegelaar, Rouchelle Liedemann and Elton Jansen.

Julita's passion for music can be clearly seen in her commitment to finding, developing and nurturing new talent (as is evidenced by her impressive list of artists and session musicians). She has aligned herself with various media channels where she showcases these talents to the public.  These channels includes over 400 radio stations, all the leading magazines in SA and then all local TV networks.  She has also aligned NueLight with media networks in Europe and the USA. NueLight has an impressive track record and are trusted by both artists and clients.

NueLight is associated with a lot of charities and community outreaches.  NueLight’s DARE project in the slums and squatter camps of the Cape Flats is a program whereby NueLight goes into these areas and uses music to bring about change in the lives of many people. For 2015 a Drumline is being set up in association with the Berklee school of Music.

Julita has recently aligned herself with Pastoor Lood. Being the strong spiritual team that they are, Julita & Lodewyk was asked to host their own radio program called AKKOORD.  AKKOORD addresses the everyday challenges in life and the AKKOORD team finds the humor, the pain, the motivation and hope in all of these situations that we all know so well. They also then seek the answers to these everyday challenges by using the Word of God as their guide.



Our Purpose – Why we exist

“To Transform the Arts”

Our Vision – What we do

“To be the partner of choice to the entertainment industry”

Our Mission – How we will fulfil our purpose and vision
  1. By establishing meaningful relationships based on integrity and trust
  2. By providing quality education and knowledge
  3. Through building a community where artists feel they belong and are “safe”
  4. Providing mentorship and guidance for all our artists
  5. V. Providing products, opportunities and services that will assist our artists and that they will not be able to get elsewhere.
  6. VI. Spirituality will always be the driving force of who we are and what we do.
Our Values – the way in which we will behave
  1. Integrity – in everything that we do and say
  2. Honour and Respect – our clients and service providers
  3. Professionalism – in the way we do our business
  4. Excellence – to always lead by example
  5. Relationships – to build our business on meaningful relationships
  6. Humility – to always remain true to who we are and what we do


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Adele: +27 (0)72 133 2370  |   Julita: +27 (0)79 716 4593